A Retreat in Small Bites – Learning

In this third part of our virtual retreat, let’s review the model of faith we have constructed. Faith consists of our relationship with God through worship, service, and learning.

If we are to engage in learning together, what would we like to learn more about?  And when would we like to do this?

We know we are all busy. The last time we scheduled a learning program, it was during Hibernation, and we settled on Sundays at 11 am, and the gathering included a meal. If we want to have learning as a continuing part of our faith journey together, we need to give it more than 6 weeks during Hibernation. So…we agreed that the 5th Sundays of the month, as they occur, would be a great time to try something different.

We started a list of topics which interest us. This list is a beginning, and we will add and refine it as we go. One topic might generate interest in another. So, this is a start:

  • Diversity – speakers from other faith traditions
  • History – of the Bible, of the Church, of this Church, the Historical Jesus
  • How doubt is a strength of faith, more useful than creeds
  • Nuts and Bolts of Squaw Valley Chapel:  how do we keep things going? Where are the switches and who cuts the grass?
  • Early Church to now – how did we become who we are, in broad strokes?  How does the Catholic Church relate to us?  How is the Orthodox Church different? Where do traditions like Friends (Quakers) and Puritans fit in?
  • How were early festivals and sacred traditions folded into the early church?  Why is Christmas on December 25, for example?
  • Sharing our church experiences –We have a lot of traditions embodied in our congregation; what is our personal faith journey?  When we go on Hibernation or vacation and visit other churches, what do we learn?  What do they offer that we could adopt?
  • Spiritual Practices – what are Spiritual Practices?  How do they enrich our faith experience?  From practicing the Lectio Divina to walking a Labyrinth, what might we explore?