Chapel Chat

Chapel Chat

September 12, 2019

FROM PASTOR JAMES:  September 12,, 2001.  That was also a day we’ll never forget.  Today is the 18thanniversary of the day our nation was at its best.  It was a day when our shared experience brought the people of the United States together in a way not seen for decades.  We were all still processing the events of the previous day and we all shared deep feelings of shock, horror, grief, and sorrow.  Somehow, race, religion, gender, political party, didn’t matter as much as it had just two days before.

Of course, it didn’t take long for this experience and all these emotions to manifest as hatred, distrust, polarization, and revenge.  Unfortunately, the way we were on 9/12 only lasted a day and the way we were on 9/13 has largely increased in scope and intensity.  We have lost a lot in these intervening years and we have gained some.  We learned that life goes on despite our worst day ever…but it’s not the same and it’s not what we would choose.

I believe our God invites us every day to reclaim what we had on 9/12.  This most accurately reflects the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth and as his followers, he still leads the way for us to become our best selves.  May God always bless us on this journey!

THEY LOVE THEIR NEW BACKPACKS!  Alice Arthur shares this new message from our friend Mayra Islas, the Volunteer Coordinator at Sierra Community House: “Good afternoon, these backpacks went like hotcakes. All have gone to a new home.”

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped organize and contributed to this wonderful outreach project!

DO YOU HAVE A POEM OR PRAYER TO SHARE?  We’re thinking some of you may have written poems or prayers that you might like to share with your Squaw Valley Chapel friends here in Chapel Chat.  If so, please send them to Dave and Rita or Pastor James and add a little background to help us understand your beautiful words!

PLEASE REMEMBER to bring donations for Project MANA!  These are the kinds of donations they seek:

  • Healthy, non-perishable foods
  • Items with intact, unopened, consumer or commercial packaging
  • Items with non-breakable packaging (no glass, please)
  • Food within the expiration date on the packaging
  • Food from your community or backyard garden         Thank You!

POTLUCK AND CONGREGATIONAL MEETING It’s almost time for us to gather again for a great lunch and to take care of some business.  We’ll be doing this on Sunday, October 13th after worship.  We’ll be sending out minutes from our July meeting for your approval and we’ll be discussing this winter’s hibernation and worship schedule.  If you have anything else for the meeting agenda, please be in touch with our Moderator, Marilyn Sunnergren.


Many thanks to these people for helping with worship on Sunday, September 15:

Scripture Reading:  Dave Holtebeck

Refreshments:  Dave and Barbara Patterson

Greeters: Everyone!

PRAYERS: Please continue your prayers for; Bill and Susie Steele, Emily Miller, Sharon Poland, Diane Morrison, Gail and Bob Okano, Marie Clukey, Gisela Steiner, Jan Brougher, Peggy Wiseman, and Pat Castellucci


Sunday Worship, September 15 at 10:00 a.m.

AAUW Book Club – 11am-2pm, September 24th

Hiking Club – 4-6pm, September 24th

Finance Committee – 1:30 pm, October 11th

Potluck Lunch and Quarterly Congregational Meeting – after worship October 13

(AA Meetings are on hiatus until November)

A Prayer Just for This Week:  We are well into our harvest season this year and are celebrating the many blessings of God’s abundance…not just in the farm and field but in our lives.  Here’s a prayer for the harvest season, based on a prayer by Rev Gord, and posted on Worship Offerings:

Life-giver, harvest protector, it is the time of year to gather in the produce of the earth.

And so we give thanks for the gifts of good food and clean water.

It is the time of year when we admire the bright colors of the season.

And so we pause to give thanks for the beauty of the earth.

We pause to give thanks for the workers of the field and those who transport our food to our favorite stores.

We take time to taste and see your goodness in all its variety.

In our time of prayer today,

move within and among us, awakening us to Your presence,

moving our hearts to respond to your grace.


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