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Chapel Chat is a weekly publication of the Squaw Valley Chapel, United Church of Christ

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May 16, 2019

FROM PASTOR JAMES        We’ve heard from Bev and Tuck!  She says things are going great up there.  Tuck was visiting recently and is now on his way back to Tahoe.  Their permanent address in Idaho will be:

Bev and Tuck Wilson

1303 Schneider Road

Potlatch, ID  83855

Bev also writes, “I would like to thank the Chapel for the wonderful card, and great gift!  We have loved being a part of your community, and will continue to be there when we are in the area.  In fact, I expect to be there for a week or so in late June.

My father, Brad Harris is not doing well, it seems he had a small stroke.  Please continue prayers for him and for my Mom, who is a rock!

Paul mentioned on Sunday that if everything works out, we will have a work day to clean up the grounds surrounding the Chapel in a couple weeks.  This was a really tough winter on our trees and bushes, so a little love for the grounds will go a long way!  “Stay tuned” for details on when this work day will be and what to bring.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe in these late-spring snows, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

PLEASE REMEMBER to bring donations for Project MANA!  These are the kinds of donations they seek:

  • Healthy, non-perishable foods
  • Items with intact, unopened, consumer or commercial packaging
  • Items with non-breakable packaging (no glass, please)
  • Food within the expiration date on the packaging
  • Food from your community or backyard garden         Thank You!

ARE YOU SPENDING A FEW MORE WEEKS AWAY FROM TAHOE-TRUCKEE?  We record the worship service each Sunday and post it on our web site:  Go to the menu and then to “Worship”.  You can listen to last Sunday’s sermon or choose from a few recent ones.



Many thanks to these people for helping with worship on Sunday, May 19:

Scripture Reading:   This information is not available.

Refreshments:    Please let Pastor James know if you signed up for either of these tasks!

Greeters: Dave Holtebeck


So says Paul Arthur, Chairman of our Sacred Space Committee which cares for the church building, grounds, and parking lot.  While Paul works on getting three competitive bids, it is our job to work on gathering the funds to make it happen.  We received a generous donation from one of our church members as the start of the Parking Lot Fund.  We have figured out that the cost divided by the number of parking spaces comes out to about $1,000 per parking space.  To keep track of our progress, we have created a “parking lot” poster.  As each $1,000 is received, a new parking space will display a car comfortably parked in that space.  And, the first $10,000 will be matched, so your donations will be twice as large: your $1000 contribution will build two parking spaces, $500 will build one space, and so on.  We are inviting our greater Squaw Valley Chapel family and friends, as well as everyone who wishes to contribute to send a donation to Squaw Valley Chapel or bring it any time you are at the Chapel.  Everyone at Squaw Valley Chapel thanks you for your generosity!


Original Gift: $ 8,000.

Contributions Week of 4/21:  $1,020.

Contributions Week of 4/28:  $850.

Contributions Week of 5/5:    $2,000

Poulsen Fund Match:               $3,870.

Total Contributions to Date:  $13,740.

What is Vanco?  Vanco is a payment service that will process contributions to Squaw Valley Chapel via Debit Card, Credit Card, or withdrawal from a checking account.  Squaw Valley Chapel subscribes to this safe and convenient service.  You can give a fixed amount to the Chapel each month, semi-annually, or annually.  One-time donations are processed just as easily.  The purpose is to provide a way to contribute without having to remember to write a check or to give cash during the Sunday Worship Service.  For example, this week, a generous donor gave a one-time gift dedicated for the Paving Fund.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please contact Marilyn Sunnergren via email:


     We want to invite you and your church members to join  Days for Girls Truckee (DfG) June 3-7 for our annual workshop making sustainable feminine product kits for girls and women around the world who are hampered in their education and life without them.  These kits along with health education assists in breaking stigmas and limitations for them.  This past year our kits went to Senegal and a birthing center in Tanzania.  In 2019, we hope to continue to support girls and women in need in Africa as well as in refugee camps around the world.

The Seventh Day Adventists are once again graciously hosting the DfG Truckee team June 3-7 from 9-4pm at their church facility on 11662 Hope Court, Truckee.  We would like to take this opportunity to personally invite all of your church members to join in this fun and rewarding activity.  We can use people of all skill sets as there are all kinds of tasks such as cutting, ironing, sewing and assembling. People can come whenever they can and as often or as little as they are able.  Or just come for a visit so you can learn more about this worthy activity.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Marie Colbert & Lynette Powell

Gina Vadnais 925-788-0722

Marie Colbert 650-493-3984

Days for Girls Truckee Team

PRAYERS: Please continue your prayers for; Bill and Susie Steele, Emily Miller, Sharon Poland, Diane Morrison, Gail and Bob Okano, Marie Clukey, Gisela Steiner, Diane and Brad Harris, Peggy Wiseman, Pat Castellucci, and Beth Wiseman.


This Sunday, May 19 –Service at 10 a.m.

Thursday – AA Meeting at 6 p.m.

(AA Meetings are on hiatus until November after this week)


A Prayer Just for This Week:  This is a wonderful prayer based on the 23rd Psalm and follows on last Sunday’s sermon beautifully.  It’swritten by Leonard Sweet, a teacher, theologian, and ordained minister in the UMC.


Draw me today into fresh encounters with Jesus, O God.

Make me a servant of love

so that others may know how much You love them

and I may know how much You love me.

Let me not be afraid of new pastures,

whether they be green or brown or parched.

And as I pass through whatever the day’s valleys,

keep my head lifted up to the mountain,

from whence my help comes.

Never let me forget the people Jesus welcomed…

   the greedy and the great,

   the bad and the good,

   the respected and the cheats.

Even as the world becomes more callous and chaotic,

may I never underestimate Your capacity

to fashion the miraculous from the monstrous,

even to make me a choice masterpiece

from the mire and the clay.


Chapel Chat is a weekly publication of the Squaw Valley Chapel, United Church of Christ.  The Chapel is located at 444 Squaw Peak Road, Olympic Valley, CA  96146.  To comment or to ask to be added or removed from the e-mail list, please contact Dave and Rita Holtebeck at or call 530-587-5086.  OR……….Pastor James Kosko: