The architectural firm of Barbachano, lvanitsky  and Watanabe  of El Cerrito, California,with designers John R. Lipscomb, George R. Killam,and Richard R.Whitaker were engaged  to design the church.

The William Horstrneyer  construction Company of San Francisco built the remarkable award winning structure and finished the project  in 5 short months.

The designers’ intent was to “provide a chapei seating 100 persons,a conversation area and an entry space connecting the other two, which would provide an overflow seating area for an additional50 people.

The chapel’s innovative structure is a free standing reinforced concrete hyperbolic-parabaloid shell supported entirely at the two points of intersection with the ground.  In the words of the designers, “the selection of this shell evolved from a search for a form which would both reflect  the sweeping grandeur of the surrounding ridges and valleys and also provide  a simple, clean structure  as a place in which to worship…ln its simplicity, this form is in keeping with both the spirit of the site and of theWinter Olympic  Games. The floor of the chapel was made to float above the ground and away from the walls,both to maintain the integrity of the shell form and also to allow the shell to wrap around the seating area,emphasizing the feeling of shelter. The axis of the shell was moved off center so that the space sweeps upward and out from the back of the chapel”.