A Retreat in Small Bites

I’d love for us to all go off for a few days for a visioning retreat to discuss and plan our future here at SVC.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem very feasible, so I’d like us to celebrate the season of Pentecost – when we celebrate the Church – by looking forward rather than backward.  To begin, I invite you to complete the following for yourself: Faith is…..

We covered 3 topics in our exploration of Faith. Here are the results of our exploration:

We started with worship.  We talked about what we like…what we might do differently…how it impacts our lives…and how it transforms our faith. 

For Community Outreach, we explored the different ways we serve, both individually, and as a congregation.

For Learning, first we agreed that we could use our 5th Sundays to do something different; to explore areas we didn’t usually have the time to cover. We listed topics we would like to explore on our 5th Sundays.

Any other ideas are welcome and my hope is that this will be a continuing positive and growthful time for us all!